Our Interest
A word about us
Ambitious Group

A family owned business group with experience of over Two Decades as Builders & Contractors with diverse operations across multiple sectors including real estate, technology and Metals.

With a consumer oriented approach and as our name says “Ambitious” which means a strong desire and determination…….. we are determined entrepreneurs, keen to change ourselves from Industry Players to be Industry Leaders.


Our Values

Ambitious Group’s professionals take pride in all that we do and they consistently play out of their skin to deliver desired results. We never lose sight of what matters the most: our association with the client. When our clients succeed, it is only then we succeed.

Our dedication toward our clients is deeply rooted in our corporate culture– and we go beyond everyday duties to prove it. It’s deep-rooted in our DNA. With our client-centric approach, we consistently place our client, “you” in the center to our business philosophy & operations. Our “Ambition” is an unnerving determination to excel in charge of our client’s success.

What we do in Real estate